Actress Ghana Ali Blessed With a Baby Boy

Actress Ghana Ali Blessed With a Baby Boy

Actress Ghana Ali Blessed With a Baby Boy…

A well-known actress in Pakistani television, movies, and theatre is Ghana Ali Raza. Millions of her fans admire her. Ghana Ali is a stunning and extraordinarily gifted actress who rose to fame because to her excellent performance in Pakistani plays. She and Umair Gulzar had a happy marriage.

The actress made the announcement of becoming a mommy of a child today. She shared the good news with her followers on social media and informed them that her daughter Faijaa has a brother.

Ghana There is a new newborn boy in town, Ali wrote in a lengthy and emotional statement that she shared. The newest member of our family, FAIJAS’s baby brother, has arrived. It gives us great pleasure to announce the arrival of our son, Muhammad Elijah Umair. There are now two additional feet in our home, more sleepless nights, unending love, and other things. This boy is truly a miracle from Allah; in fact, we even performed umrah together; it was my first time, and it was perhaps the happiest memory of my life. I didn’t think I had the strength to perform, but with the help of Allah and my husband, I was able to do so.both of my babies are so fortunate to have an angel of a father who remained by us through thick and thin and consistently put the needs of others before of his own, even during my 7-month pregnancy. We adore you so much, and I hope your children grow up to be kind and supportive of you in the same manner that you are. Alhumdulillah, thanks to everyone who helped me and prayed for me, my family is now complete! I am very grateful for your unending love and support! In the name of Allah, amen. May the All-Powerful keep us safe from evildoers who go out of their way to hurt and inflict harm. May He bring you comfort and stability during trying times. Please keep us in mind while you

Fans congratulated Ghana Ali on once again becoming mother of an adorable son.