Hania Aamir Doppelganger Boy Found in India

A video going viral on the internet shows a Hanis Aamir’s look-alike. Moreover, the internet has gone into the craze for their uncanny resemblance with each other, a doppelganger. A video went viral on the internet showing Hania Aamir look alike from Punjab, India. People can’t get over the look-alike as they find a striking […]

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Sahil Adeem and ‘his’ Taghoot

For the last couple of weeks, Sahil Adeem has been the topic of discussion on the internet. A video went viral where Sahil Adeem in a TV show pointed out that 95% of the females were illiterate. Moreover, he emphasized the importance of knowledge of Islam and the terminology “Taghoot”. No, Sahil Adeem was not […]

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