People of Swat Threaten to Protest Against Repeated Gas Outages

The residents of Swat have threatened to stage protests if the gas outages in the locality do not end immediately.

People living in Gumbad Maira, Malookabad, Shahdara Watkey, and the adjoining localities have severe gas outages in the harsh winter because of which they are unable to cook meals and keep their rooms heated for their children and elderly.


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They complained that they are helpless and have to use other expensive alternative sources like LNG to cook their meals and keep themselves warm.

“Since the winter started, the SNGPL has kept the gas supply suspended from our areas most of the time, due to which it is difficult for us to prepare meals,” a resident of Gumbad Maira said.

“The temperatures dip below freezing point during the night, and our children are unable to sleep without a heating facility,” another resident added.


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The residents of the adjoining locality Rahimabad said that there is no gas from 5 pm to 11 pm every day and that this is the peak time for people to use gas to heat their rooms and prepare their meals for the night. They added that there are gas outages early in the morning as well and that the situation causes a lot of hardships for them.

The locals also complained that gas loadshedding takes place every year and that they have to come out on to the streets and protest against it.