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Noor Bukhari Talked About Her Second Daughter

by faree

Noor Bukhari is a former actress who left the media industry and dedicated her life for Islam.

Noor in a latest video interview talked about her daughters and her life and thoughts.

Talking about her daughters Noor said:”Allah has blessed me with another daughter. I believe that daughters are the most precious gift of Allah”

Fatima and Shehr Bano shared a beautiful bond and I am blessed about that”

“I am blessed that Allah has led me towards right path, everything I do is for Allah”

“I want to blow dry me hair, I want to do fashion. Its been three years now. Even my daughter says sometimes: ‘ Mama don’t you know how to do fashion?’. I resist myself for Allah” said Noor.

“There was no peace in my life, but when i reverted back people said a lot about me, but now I have peace in my life. Now I enjoy being alone. I don’t need no gatherings now”

“Once my daughters would be grown up and become independent I have a plan to make a series like Ertugrul. I want to make a movie or a series in which I’d quote Ayaat from Quran-e-Pak”

“Talking about her daughters Noor Bukhari said: ” I well bring them up well. Allah bless them with good Naseeb, they get married at right time”

“I really want them to be doctors, or they are free to chose any profession but they are not allowed to go to media” said Noor.

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