Beautiful Bride Singing For Her Groom Video Goes Viral – Public Reaction

In Pakistan, the wedding season begins with the advent of fall and lasts through the end of winter. In our nation, weddings serve as a substitute for numerous festivals and forms of entertainment that would otherwise not take place. Despite the fact that there were many things going on in the country during this year’s wedding season, there were still numerous new fashions and ways to show your better half how much you care. And it appears that a new bride has arrived who will make her husband’s wedding day extra spectacular.

So, the bride Dr. Sehrish entered while singing her husband a love song, Likhay jo Khat Tujhe. The newlyweds experienced a wonderful fairytale moment as a result of her melodic voice and the confetti being blown. Here is the bride’s lovely, sultry entrance for her husband-to-be:

Here is how the internet reacted to the bride singing for her groom: