Babrik Shah Discloses The Real Story Behind His Son’s Death

Babrik Shah Discloses The Real Story Behind His Son’s Death

Babrik Shah is an actor who gained notoriety in movies and was frequently in the news at the height of his career. He is Tariq Shah, a seasoned actorson. ,’s Although he hasn’t been working much lately, his family is well-known in the film industry. Recently, Babrik Shah underwent a really difficult time in his life. He lost his young kid, who was 4 years old, when he drowned in a pool. Although the original information that reached the media claimed that young Zaviyar Shah perished after falling into the home’s water tank and drowning,

Speaking to Neo News, Babrik Shah revealed that the reports of a drowning in the water tank were untrue. He admitted that his son perished because of an illegal 9-foot water tank that was located in the nursery in front of his home. There were no defences around the tank.

He went on to say that he was unaware that the child had left the house. When he checked in on him after ten minutes, he had already drowned. He attempted CPR and took the child right away to the hospital, but the child had already passed away. The guy was forced to close the water tank, according to Babrik Shah, but he has admitted that he did so without filing any complaints because doing so would not bring his kid back.

Additionally, Babrik blasted the individual who distributed false information about parental neglect and a child who drowned in their home’s water tank:

People are reacting to the new information as they share condolences for the little one: