US Rejects Pakistan’s Request for Advance Booking of COVID-19 Vaccine

The United States (US) has reportedly refused to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to Pakistan in the first phase. The denial came in response to the official request made by the Pakistani Commission in Washington.

As per media reports, Pakistan was informed that the vaccine will be exported in the second phase after meeting the local requirements.


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The Mission conveyed the response to the federal government, which then informed the Ministry of Health, and asked it to make alternative arrangements.

The Mission and the health ministry had been in contact with US companies for advance booking to make the vaccine available as soon as possible.

The move came after Prime Minister Imran Khan approved funds for the acquisition of potential COVID-19 vaccines under phase-III trials.


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Earlier this month, the ministry had written to Prime Minister for approval of the $100 million grant to acquire the coronavirus vaccine.

The summary was approved on November 12, allocating the said amount for the purchase of vaccines on an emergency basis for around 10 million nationals.

The vaccine will be administered to elderly citizens and health workers in its first phase.