Top International Black Friday Deals that Pakistanis Can Avail

We scouted the internet and gathered the best Black Friday offerings from overseas retailers which also ship to Pakistan. Let’s end the wait and take a look at the players who ship to Pakistan:


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Order from Amazon with Amazon Global International Shopping. Visit Amazon International Shopping to see whether your desired product can be shipped to Pakistan or not.


AliExpress, an Alibaba subsidiary, is the biggest online marketplace in the world. Sellers around the world gather to sell their products through AliExpress.
It is a proven Chinese e-commerce company which is reliable and is proven to offer the best value for money when it comes to products. You can get items at near whole sale value. During Black Friday, they have made the deals even sweeter with more discounts and coupons.


Macy’s, the famous US chain, ships products to Pakistan. You can get imported clothing items, apparels and fashion accessories among several other products from the retailer. They have some great Black Friday deals on offer which started today and will last the next two days.


It is an online store that’s exclusively geared towards gamers and hardware enthusiasts. XOTICPC is running some mouth-watering Black Friday deals on gaming laptops, desktops and other computer components.

The good news, it ships products to Pakistan, though the shipping rate varies from item to item and are pretty high for laptops and PCs. We recommend it for hardcore gamers who are disappointed by the lack of choices here.

DX – DealExtreme

DX is a Chinese ecommerce giant, matching up to the likes of AliExpress. It has its own way of going about product retail and management. The product range comes close to AliExpress though the prices might even be lesser than others out there.

DX ships items to Pakistan for free and is offering discounts of up to 10% plus freebies and refunds.


GearBest isn’t as old as other Chinese retailers mentioned here, but they target the international market rather than the Chinese one. The products and price management are tailored to international viewers and demand.

The retailer is offering discounts of up to 80% this Black Friday and ships to Pakistan for free or at cheap prices.

If we’re missing an deals or discounts, refer to the comment section provided below.

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