Sindh’s Top Officials Under Fire as Customs Begin Crackdown Against Smuggled Cars

Pakistan Customs Preventive Karachi, in a grand operation against smuggled luxury vehicles, seized 16 illegally bought luxury vehicles in the past week. According to sources, the confiscated vehicles include those of the top officials of the Sindh administration.

A Customs Department spokesman reported to the media that 16 luxury vehicles have been seized in the past week, all of which were used by top government officials and other local influential figures. Sources also state that a non-custom paid luxury SUV was under the use of the highest official of the Sindh bureaucracy.

The spokesperson also highlighted that the combined value of the smuggled vehicles is Rs. 187 million. The cars seized by the department include vehicles such as Toyota Land Cruiser, Lexus LX 570, Toyota Prado, Toyota Surf, and a Nissan 350Z.


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The spokesperson further informed that the owners had swapped the original chassis number of vehicles with different ones and that there are possibly still multiple cars of such nature in the region that are yet to be confiscated.

Various reports state that numerous smuggling channels that allow a safe gateway for the illegal trade of luxury vehicles are still active and are causing billions of rupees worth of loss, gradually bleeding the economy dry.

Cases have been registered against the offenders and investigations are underway. The department has also announced an aggressive crackdown against the smuggling of vehicles in the area.