Shoaib Akhtar Lashes Out at New Zealand for Disrespecting Pakistan

Shoaib Akhtar has started a heated debate on social media once again, saying that PCB should have firmly responded to the New Zealand government’s final warning to the Pakistan national team.


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Akhtar said that if he was a part of the PCB management, he would have responded by calling the team back and not indulge in any cricketing activity with New Zealand Cricket for five years. He said that New Zealand should be indebted to Pakistan for touring the country in such dire times.

“New Zealand Cricket are getting the money for broadcasting rights, we won’t get anything, so they should be indebted to us that we have gone over to New Zealand at such a tough time and are doing this tour for you,” Akhtar said.

This sparked outrage on social media as many fans did not agree with Akhtar’s statement and reminded him that it is the responsibility of our cricketers to adhere to the regulations. Some fans agreed with Shoaib and said that New Zealand should be more respectful to Pakistan.

Shoaib has lost his senses.
He knows what our players did was wrong, so instead of making them realize what they did was wrong he's encouraging their wrongdoings.
Not strange but totally uncalled for.

— noo (@khaa_norr) November 26, 2020

Irresponsible from Rawalpindi Express,
Instead of Encouraging Pakistan Cricket Team to follow SOP's he is Asking PCB to Behave Arrogant

— Mobeen Raza (@mobeen_r007) November 27, 2020

So you want to act irresponsible in someone else's country, not follow their rules and regulations and you expect to get away without any warning. LOL. That's not how it works

— Ahsan ?? (@AftabSahab_) November 26, 2020

Cmon shoaib, you are making it more complex. Its our team that needs to be put in discipline.

— Faheem Khan Suri (@fk8167) November 27, 2020

Shaoab Bhae, you are wrong. Our players made mistake there. We should be strict against them. That's not good attitude.

— Razzy (@tanveerah12) November 27, 2020

Some fans backed Akhtar’s statement:

There should be some solid responce.. We are World's Champion .. If NZ board use some more hard words..then we should call our team back and bycott NZ series for next five years..#shoaib_akhtar ❤❤

— Saqib Khaira (@khaira_saqib) November 27, 2020

This time i am agreed with shoaib respect is more important thing

— Syed Zakir Zia (@szakirzia) November 26, 2020

Bilkul Sahi Bola hai. Ek toh New Zealand ke Saath koi Bhi tour Kerne ko tayaar Nahi hai aur uper se New Zealand walay kis baat Ka itna ghamand Dekha rahay hain. Ab Pakistani ko chaiye Sab ko oukat pe rakay ?✊

— Nauman Khan Sherwani (@inaumansherwani) November 26, 2020

Hona tou yahi chahiye tha! Pata nhi hum backfoot pr kyn chaly jaty sb k samny!

— Zeeshan Safder (@zsafder7) November 27, 2020

While some were there only for fun.


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Dear NZ people, please don't take Shoaib Akhtar seriously neither do we.

— Ali Kazmi (@AliKazmi1234) November 27, 2020

That’s why Qalandars removed him after one season.

— Ahmad Raza (@TheAvidAhmad) November 27, 2020

What do you think? Should PCB have responded in a better way or did they handle the situation well? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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