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PIA is Acquiring 8 More Aircraft

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Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is looking to acquire eight narrowbody aircraft on dry lease by December next year.

The national airline has issued a tender notice in this regard which states that the airline intends to lease eight aircraft up to ‘2012-vintage, for a period of six years, or up to the aircraft’s first 12-year check’.


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The tender also provides the delivery schedule which runs from January to December 2021.

Among the other requirements, the aircraft should have at least 170 seats in an all-economy layout, with the first two rows separated by a soft divider. These seats are expected to be used for Executive Economy.


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There is no official word on whether the airline seeks to replace the new aircraft with its existing fleet of narrowbodies. PIA currently has a fleet of 11 Airbus A320ceo aircraft that are all leased and between 10 and 16 years of age.

Last month, PIA formed a committee comprised of engineers to terminate the lease of six of its Airbus 320 aircraft. Sources familiar with the development said that the first of six aircraft will be returned in March 2021, while the last plane will be returned in August next year.

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