Lawyer Walks into Supreme Court Hearing and Reveals He Has COVID-19

A senior lawyer created panic in the Supreme Court on Wednesday when he revealed that he is infected with the coronavirus.

The incident occurred this morning in Courtroom No. 1 where the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Gulzar Ahmed, was hearing a case about the lecturers of the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

“I am appearing in your court despite having the coronavirus,” Barrister Dr. Adnan Khan announced in the courtroom full of attendees.


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His disclosure caused a brief frenzy in the court, and the CJP expressed his displeasure at Barrister Khan’s appearance.

“Why have you shown up in court? You are playing with others’ lives,” Justice Ahmed demanded of the lawyer.


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Barrister Khan explained that he had submitted an application to have a case adjourned in a different courtroom because he was unable to attend the hearing after having tested positive for COVID-19 but his application had been rejected. Considering it a precedent, he decided to attend the then-ongoing hearing in the Apex Court.

“I came because an important case about the lecturers of the HEC was being heard today,” he stated.

The CJP directed the lawyer to submit his arguments in writing, after which Barrister Khan left the courtroom.

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