Imtiaz Opens Another Mega Branch in Islamabad’s Gulberg Greens

One of the fastest-growing retail chains in Pakistan, Imtiaz, has opened the doors of its second Megastore for the people of Islamabad. Conveniently located in Islamabad’s fast-developing commercial and residential destination Gulberg Greens Expressway, the store is now delivering an unmatched shopping experience to the residents of the capital city.

The launch of the new Imtiaz Megastore right in the heart of Islamabad was highly anticipated as the store was set to house its own clothing and food brands – such as Sabiha’s, Ponam, Brio’s, etc. – alongside other local and international products. The opening ceremony saw a crowd of shoppers and festivity with a lucky draw for exciting prizes starting the same day.

For over a decade, Imtiaz has ruled the roost in Karachi’s highly competitive retail market and become a household name for budget quality shopping. The convenience, competitive pricing, and an enormous variety of items that it offered made Imtiaz an immediate success among the masses that had not experienced such value shopping before.

In August this year, Imtiaz refreshed its brand identity and announced that it was all set to spread its wings nationwide. Although it had some presence outside of Karachi for a while, Imtiaz announced plans of targeting the Punjab region and opening new branches in Lahore and Islamabad. The launch of the Gulberg Greens Megastore is part of the same expansion plan.

“With this new Imtiaz Megastore in Gulberg Greens, we want to give the people of Islamabad a taste of economical, convenient, and diversified shopping experience,” said Mr. Kashif Imtiaz, Director at Imtiaz. “We have brought the lowest prices to the capital and are geared to become the city’s go-to store that serves all of its people’s shopping needs and delivers an experience that turns them into our loyal customers.”

Backed by more than 7000 employees and a huge customer base alongside 14 branches nationwide, Imtiaz is the biggest retail chain in Pakistan accumulating massive sales and customer trust. Starting as a small kiriana shop in Karachi, it has worked itself up acquiring immense growth as the fastest-growing retail chain in the country.

Seeing the hard work the brand has invested in to earn its current market repute, Imtiaz’s fast-forward growth comes as no surprise. The brand is geared to further expand its nationwide footprint with plans to open more branches in the future in different parts of the country. Meanwhile, the Gulberg Greens branch has begun to serve the capital city with an extensive selection of brands and items to choose from.