HEC Sets Up a Transition Committee For Pakistan Medical Comission

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan has constituted a Transition Committee with the representation of relevant stakeholders for a smooth transition to the regulatory framework governing medical and dental education under the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) Act 2020.

Pursuant to the promulgation of PMC Act 2020, the uniform minimum standards of basic and higher medical education, training and recognition of qualifications in medicine and dentistry will be formulated and implemented. PMC and the HEC will work together and closely coordinate to define the regulatory scope.

The Transition Committee has been constituted to ensure that there will be a gradual transition in terms of setting standards, devising mechanisms/policies regarding curriculum, faculty, and inspection of medical and dental colleges.

The Committee will ensure that there will be no abrupt change and existing standards shall remain in force till the adoption of new standards/policies.