Careem Distributes Smog Safety Kits to Captains Amidst Covid-19

Careem Distributes Smog Safety Kits to Captains Amidst Covid-19

As part of its efforts to ensure safety and security for the community, Careem distributed smog kits and safety jackets to the Captains in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

In the last few years, smog has been dubbed as the ‘fifth season’ in Pakistan with every year the statistics record an increase in the level of pollution in the air beating all previous records, in all major cities of Pakistan, with Lahore leading the list. Other than the worsening health indicators, the season gets plagued with no visibility that further leads to navigation crisis and results in an increased number of road accidents.

Careem’s initiative that started back in 2018 as an effort to spread awareness and ensure safety has now become a necessary measure to protect oneself from the Covid-19. With the change in climate and increased air pollution, it has become an unavoidable measure to protect ourselves from health hazards and to take safety precautions that can otherwise lead to an increase in the number of accidents. Each safety kit includes a face mask, nasal spray, and other essential medicines like Panadol and Strepsils.

Zeeshan Hasib Baig, Chief Executive Officer, and Country General Manager, Careem Pakistan, commented on the initiative saying, “Captains are the heart of Careem and it is our responsibility to ensure their safety with every possible means. With the constant increase in the level of air pollution, along with the rising Covid cases, these safety kits distribution has become absolutely necessary.”

Careem, which recently became a Super App, has added an expanded range of services to its portfolio across all of its 33 million registered users and 1.7 million captains across 13 countries and over 100 cities. In Pakistan, they have more than 500,000 Captains registered for the Super App features that include mobility of things and mobility of people.