Saman Ansari Giving Health And Fitness Tips

Saman Ansari Giving Health And Fitness Tips

Saman Ansari is a Pakistani television and theater actress. Saman joined drama industry in 2014, she has appeared in various Pakistani dramas. Till now Saman Ansari has been a part of more than 25 dramas including the famous and critically acclaimed drama serial Dar Si Jati Hai Sila.

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Saman Ansari has underwent major transformation and she has lost a lot of weight. Saman appeared as a guest in Nida Yasir’s morning show Good Morning Pakistan and shared a few tips that are very helpful in losing weight and getting fit. She said that first of all she sorted out all of the packet products. Because if there will be no such products in her house there won’t be any temptations as well. Saman said that every product that you buy must be fresh and healthy. Saman Ansari also emphasized on portion control diet. One trivial but most impactful point that Saman raised is not to go empty tummy for groceries. Saman Ansari said that being under weight is also very unhealthy. Talking about salad’s Saman said don’t add creamy dressing in salad add healthy dressing. Saman Ansari also explained her eating habits and routine.

Here is the video link of Saman Ansari’s video in which she is giving some useful tips:

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