Maya Ali Cleaning Her House

Maya Ali Cleaning Her House

Maya Ali was on US tour for Shaukat Khanum fundraising event and she got herself tested in case she had Coronavirus. Luckily, her tests turned out to be negative.

The Parey Hut Love actress is taking every possible step to save herself from Coronavirus. She posted a video of cleaning her house to aware her followers.

She captioned, “Let’s start from our home. Cleaning door nozzles, switch boards and the things that we touch more often. Most importantly wash your hands more frequently.

Maya’s friend Wahaj Ali came up with a witty comment on her video and asked her about the charges of doing this. In his response, Maya Ali gave him a dramatic reply, “Aik chutki sanitizer ki qeemat tum kya jano wahaj babu“.

However, Maya Ali’s fans and followers appreciated her for using her platform to aware the masses about Coronavirus precautions.

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