Dua Malik Starts A New Journey Of Her Life

Dua Malik Starts A New Journey Of Her Life

It feels so good when you see people following the path of Allah. We as humans make mistakes, get off the track, but Allah Almighty always welcomes His creation to return back to the right path. Praying, worshiping, kindness, equality, respect, love, humbleness, these are all the things we need to do to please Allah.

After Hamza Ali Abbasi, Feroze Khan became another inspiration for his fans. He decided to quit showbiz and to serve his life in the search and teaching of Islam. He announced that he will use the social media platform to motivate his fans and followers to follow the path of Allah.

During an interview with Waseem Badami, Feroze Khan said that there’s a huge change in his house and family, which is a good thing. He further added that Dua and Humaima will soon disclose the good news to their fans.

Dua Malik, being a strong lady, took to her Facebook and shared a picture with a beautiful caption. Dua wrote the translation of Quranic Ayaat and announced that she is going to wear Hijaab now. It’s the first step she took to start the new phase of her life, may Allah bless her with the best of everything.

Humaima Malik congratulated and appreciated her sister for announcing such big news. Dua has always been an inspiration for her sister. Waiting for Humaima to make an announcement soon.

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