Is Asim Azhar Getting Married Soon?

Is Asim Azhar Getting Married Soon?

Asim Azhar and Hania Amir are the most popular couple of showbiz, but they never announced anything official. People are anxiously waiting to hear something from them.

Asim and Hania both are busy with their careers. Hania is one of the most renowned actresses who gained massive popularity within a short period of time. Asim, on the other hand, is a talented singer. He earned a lot of love, respect, and appreciation on an international level.

Asim Azhar appeared as a guest on Waseem Badami’s show Har Lamha Purjoosh. He was asked questions related to his personal and professional life. Waseem wanted to know his opinion on current issues and controversies.

Waseem asked Asim about his decision of getting married, to which he replied that he is focusing on his career. His profession is his top priority these days. Waseem asked him with whom he wanted to get married, but Asim didn’t name anyone. He said that he believes in the destination. Allah is the best planner and He will choose the best for us.

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