Hira Mani Prays For All Human Beings

Hira Mani Prays For All Human Beings

Hira Mani is the talk of the town because of her social media accounts. She has been going live on Instagram, video calling her celebrity friends, and uploading her stories related to quarantine. Hira and Mani are enjoying their isolation by connecting with their fans and followers through social media. As social distancing and gatherings are prohibited in the current situation, therefore, video calls and picture sharing are the best options to stay connected with family and friends.

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Hira is an active social media user from the start. She shares her opinions and thoughts on every matter with her millions of fans. Either it’s Auraat March or Coronavirus, she will discuss the matter on social media. Currently, Pakistani celebrities are trying their best to help needy and poor families in these difficult times.

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During a video conference with Amir Liaquat, Hira said that she will try to help as much as she can and requested others to do the same. She even shared her inner thought on Instagram’s story that being rich is itself a disease. If you are rich, you will feel proud of your wealth, but you will forget that it’s just a test from Allah Almighty. He wants to test His people whether they will help others after having a lot of money or will they become arrogant.

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Hira even prayed for all human beings that may Allah make us wealthy by hearts, because only then, we will be able to understand other’s hardship and will try to overcome their problems.

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Hira is absolutely right. Helping others in difficult times gives inner satisfaction. What do you all think of it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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