Amir Liaquat’s Little Act Of Kindness During Quarantine

Amir Liaquat’s Little Act Of Kindness During Quarantine

Pakistan is in crisis these days. We are not financially strong enough to cure thousands of patients all at once. Coronavirus is spreading rapidly throughout the country and the only way to control it is to stay in isolation. People are requested to maintain social distancing and avoid gatherings until things get better.

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Doctors, nurses, medical staff, police, and rangers are playing the most important role right now. They are risking their lives every day to save the lives of millions of families. They are on their duty day and night to stop everyone from roaming on the roads without any reason. Doctors are trying their best to cure coronavirus patients.

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We as citizens of Pakistan salute all the doctors, paramedical staff, police, and rangers for doing an amazing job in this difficult time. Amir Liaquat did an act of kindness to appreciate the real heroes. He cooked biryani on his own and distributed among all the police and rangers near his home.

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It was his way of saying thank you to all the police officers and rangers who are on the roads saving the lives of people. What do you think of this? Tell us in the comments section below.

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