Haroon Rashid’s Wife Discloses The Story Of Their Marriage

Haroon Rashid’s Wife Discloses The Story Of Their Marriage

The pop singer and composer of ’90s, Haroon Rashid recently got hitched to Farwa Hussain.

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Haroon Rashid’s wife in a recent post on her Instagram account disclosed the story that how she met Haroon and how she was proposed.

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Farwa shared a beautiful picture from her Nikkah event and sharing the story she captioned the picture as “In 2014, Haroon and I met for the first time. We were introduced to each other through a cousin of mine. After that we stayed in touch on social media and the phone. We bumped into each other at different events a few times. We made many plans but never got a chance to connect properly and got busy with our lives here and there. We finally got to hang out earlier this year. We met a couple of times and there was an immediate connection. We started to get to know each other better. Just a couple of weeks later, he surprised me with a proposal and confessed that he had liked me all along. I was pretty shocked and surprised in a happy way and said YES! The connection and understanding that I felt with him, I had never felt anything like that before in my life. I knew this was it for me. I knew he was the one. I liked that instead of asking me to be in a relationship with him, he asked for my hand in marriage. So we decided not to waste time and got married within a few weeks. We found our happily ever after, MashaAllah”.

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A strong bond is shared between both of them. We wish the couple a happy and blessed life ahead!