Farhan Saeed Discusses Prem Gali

Farhan Saeed Discusses Prem Gali

Farhan is one of the most loved singers of the Pakistani Entertainment Industry who started his journey in 2002. He is a multi-talented man who not only sings also acts and directs the music video and has won many awards for Best Male Singer.

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He is one of the assets of the industry who has donated a lot in the industry and has also made Pakistanis proud by working in Bollywood.

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Farhan Saeed in his latest interview talks about his recent project “Prem Gali”.

Farhan mentioned that he has been very lucky in terms of projects. Shooting Prem Gali was a dream, I enjoyed it a lot, says Farhan Saeed.

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“While shooting It was not just a camera, It seems like a theater when you see such brilliant actors like Qavi Khan and Waseem Abbas in front of you”, Farhan mentioned.


Further Farhan mentioned, “The best thing about these actors are the action reactions. It’s just a 20% of the scene which we learn. The main thing happens when we perform and the actions and reactions just combines and that’s where your natural reactions come in. This is the point where people don’t think It’s acting It becomes a theatrical thing”.

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Talking about his Character as Hamza in Prem Gali he stated that, Hamza is a perfect guy for our society. He is such a nice guy.

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“It is very important to take people in a happy fantasy to refresh their minds and this is what Prem Gali Is. The sugar courted messages in Prem Gali are to die for”, Farhan added.