Yasir And Iqra Are Ready To Fight Against COVID-19

Yasir And Iqra Are Ready To Fight Against COVID-19

CoronaVirus is a serious disease people are facing these days. It started in China and now, almost all major and minor countries of the world are facing this issue. People need to understand that instead of creating panic, we need to keep ourselves clean and isolated for some time. Instead of meeting friends, roaming around the streets, and chilling on the road, just stay inside homes to keep yourself and others safe.

Pakistani celebrities are taking all the precautionary measures to save them from deadly viruses. They post their pictures or videos on social media to create awareness among their fans and followers. Maya Ali posted her video of cleaning her house, Adnan and Humayun kept themselves locked in a room for some days because they recently traveled.

Like others, Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz posted their picture on Instagram to alert their lovers. Iqra wore a face-mask, while Yasir had a hand sanitizer to clean their hands all the time. Iqra captioned her picture that we need to keep our immune system strong to fight against coronavirus.

What precautionary measures are you all taking? Tell us in the comments section below.

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