2020 Ramzan Transmissions Hosted By Pakistani Celebrities

2020 Ramzan Transmissions Hosted By Pakistani Celebrities

Whenever the month of Ramzan starts, all the news channels start their Ramzan transmissions. People are interested in more Islamic and religious talks than to hear about political issues. Therefore, Ramzan Transmissions are aired on several television channels hosted by different Pakistani celebrities.

Ramzan Transmissions of this year are hosted by following famous celebrities. Check it out!

Maria Khan

Maria Khan, a famous actress, is hosting a Ramzan transmission on Channel 5 this year alongside Saim Ali. It’s the first time that both of them are hosting a show that too a Ramzan show.

ramzan 2020 2

ramzan 2020 3ramzan 2020 4Javeria Saud

Javeria Saud has been hosting Ramzan transmissions on different television channels for a long time now, but this time, she is hosting the show at her own house with her kids. She invites religious scholars at her house, have Islamic talk, shares delicious recipes with the viewers, and her kids accompany her in reciting Naat.

ramzan 2020 19Ramzan 2020 019ramzan 2020 1Juggan Kazmi

Juggan Kazmi is also hosting Ramzan transmission this year. She is a Pakistani actress who started hosting a long time ago, and ever since, she earned massive popularity. Like many other year’s Juggan is hosting Shehar-e-Ramzan on City 42 channel.

ramzan 2020 7 2ramzan 2020 10ramzan 2020 8ramzan 2020 11Amir Liaquat

Amir Liaquat, a religious scholar, is hosting Ramzan transmission on Express entertainment. Due to coronavirus, everyone on the set maintains social distancing. There is no audience on the set but there are millions of viewers who are sitting at home and watching his show, and the scholars are also sitting at a distance.

ramzan 2020 14ramzan 2020 15ramzan 2020 16Ahsan Khan

PTV is satisfying its viewers with Ahsan Khan as a host of Ramzan Pakistan 2020. A decent and humble actor is doing an amazing job as a host. The show always tries to deliver meaningful Islamic messages to the listeners through educated Islamic scholars.

ramzan 2020 17Reema Khan

Reema Khan is hosting Barane Ramzan on AAJ TV. She left showbiz as an actor but continued appearing on the television screen as a guest and host. This Ramzan, she invited Pakistani celebrities on her show to know their Ramzan routine and how they manage Ramzan and their work. Iqra Yasir, Ayeza Khan, Nabeel Zafar, and Farhan Ali Waris appeared as guests on her show.

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