Take These Safety Precautions Against Coronavirus If You’re Traveling

The outbreak of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has had devastating effects all around the world with over 180,000 people infected and thousands of fatalities. It has led to a blood-bath in the stock markets and even halted the global auto industry.

At the time of when this article was being written, over 90 cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed in Pakistan and we thought to put together a list of preventive measures that you can take to help stop spread the virus.


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Social Distancing

This is the single biggest factor that can prevent the virus from spiraling out of control. Experts around the world have urged people to stop going to public spaces unless it is an emergency such as buying medical supplies or grocery. Cut down on unnecessary commute, and we have seen a lot of people disregard this.

We would like to point towards the case of South Korea, where the government had the situation under control with 30 cases but the 31st was a social spreader. They refused to practice social distancing and this led to over 6,000 cases of COVID-19. In case you do go out, we would like to advise that try and stay at least 6-feet away from others.


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Hand Sanitizers

This is another major factor that can help prevent the spread of the virus if you commute regularly, wash your hands thoroughly with soap before the start and after the end of your journey.

Use a hand sanitizer when you are in the vehicle and use it again at the end of the journey. Experts have said that washing your hands regularly helps destroy the virus that might be on your hands and prevents infection.

Ideally, everyone should be carrying a hand sanitizer at all times.

Disinfect Your Vvehicle

It is vital that you regularly disinfect your vehicle because according to research, the COVID-19 can stay active for several hours on fabrics, door knobs and other surfaces. It is critical that you disinfect regularly and thoroughly to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The more you commute, the more regularly you should do it.


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As you will be in close quarters while sitting in a vehicle, it is critical that anyone who sneezes, covers their mouth with a tissue, hands or elbow. Then use a hand sanitizer to clean that area of the skin or if you have a tissue, sneeze into that and dispose your tissue.

If someone else in the vehicle sneezes immediately cover your face and advise them of the aforementioned steps. The COVID-19 is transmitted from person-to-person through water articles or direct contact only.


If you use motorbikes, wear a helmet and safety gloves while riding a bike to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. These measures will protect you from any airborne water particles carrying the virus. After each journey, use soap to wash the hands.


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Public Transport

This might be difficult for people who have no other means of transport but for your safety and the safety of those around you, we would advise you to commute via public transport to a bare minimum. There are thousands of people who commute through this means and anyone of them could be infected. If you have to travel, wear a mask and gloves, and destroy the gloves after use.


If you start displaying the symptoms or fall sick, please self-quarantine to help prevent the virus from spreading to other people including your loved ones. In such a case, you should isolate yourself in a room and maintain a distance from everyone else.

Fake Information

There is a lot of fake information regarding the virus making rounds on both social media and WhatsApp. We would like to warn you to authenticate and verify the news before sharing it with anyone.

Any piece of fake information is equally damaging and can lead to panic or worse, letting people believe that certain measures can kill the virus. For example, news that gurgles can help kill the virus in the early stages or that the virus can be killed due to sunlight or at certain temperature are completely false. Sadly, they are being shared everywhere!

It is our duty to debunk and warn the people.

These are some of the tips that can help prevent the spread of the virus and it is is pertinent to point out that the tips we mentioned above are not one off. You have to do them repeatedly for a while now and it wouldn’t harm us, if we incorporated these habits into our daily routines as well.Good hygiene and a clean vehicle can also help prevent the spread of other viruses and infections.

What do you think? If we have missed any measure, please let us know in the comments below.