CAA Bans Entry of Visitors at All Airports

In an attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has imposed a ban on the entry of visitors coming either to receive or see off passengers at the airports.

According to details, no visitor will be allowed to enter the airport with the passengers. The ban, which comes into effect immediately, will be applicable on all airports.

Only the drivers will be allowed to enter the airport, but they too will not be allowed to go beyond parking spots. Passengers will have to move their luggage themselves from the parking space.

CAA officials state that the decision has been taken to provide a safe environment for all passengers and lower the risk of coronavirus.

At the same time, CAA has requested citizens not to make unnecessary visits to airports as they could contract the disease.

So far, Pakistan has reported 106 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with Sindh accounting for 88 of the cases.