Samsung Pakistan Launches Free Service to Disinfect Your Phone

Samsung Pakistan Launches Free Service to Disinfect Your Phone

The current situation with the coronavirus outbreak is spreading panic all around the world since the virus is highly contagious and can spread through the air and various surfaces.

To help with the situation, Samsung is offering a free service, named Galaxy Sanitizing Service, that disinfects your phone by putting it under UV light for a certain time.

Research shows that Smartphones carry as many germs as a subway floor. Thus, disinfecting your phone at this point might be a good option. The service is currently available in 18 countries including Pakistan.

The Galaxy Sanitizing Service is being offered for free at Samsung Service Centers and at Samsung Experience Stores. People can also avail the sanitization service for their Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds.

The company is working on expanding the service to other coronavirus-hit countries.

The move is being greatly appreciated by consumers all around the world. Since smartphones are an essential part of our lives and most of us are very careless when it comes to putting them on different surfaces without considering hygiene issues.