Bykea Pays Tribute to Driver Partners With the Launch of ‘Bykea Bykers Movement’

Bykea Pays Tribute to Driver Partners With the Launch of ‘Bykea Bykers Movement’

Bykea takes pride in the professional excellence of their driver partners despite the challenges that they come across and wishes to celebrate their competence and determination with the world by putting out a strong message through their ‘Bykea Bykers Movement’ campaign.

It also bears mentioning that the year 2020 will shall be the year of opportunity for everyone who wishes to work with Bykea and earn their living with a sense of gratification and fulfillment. Under its campaign slogan “Kaam, Kamai aur Kamyabi” Bykea is planning to create more work opportunities for the benefit of both, the aspiring job seekers and the prospective customers.

The message delivered by the following anthem also sheds some light on how Bykea provides an opportunity to the hundreds of thousands of people that continue to earn their living with pride and dignity.

Every day, bike riders must put up with numerous challenges while getting from point A to point B. Bykea, being a company that’s essentially based on the said means of conveyance, i.e. bikes, realizes and acknowledges the efforts put in by their band of bikers, owing to which, they have decided to pay tribute to their driving partners

As a part of their campaign, Bykea has also engaged in some legal graffiti throughout the city to illustrate the significance of the driving partners of Bykea in a vibrant and artistic manner.

Bearing in mind its success in Pakistan, Bykea expresses its gratitude to the driving partners who continue to contribute to their success every day, by placing them as the true heroes behind the service.