Engineer Builds a Screen-less Mobile Phone From Scratch

Engineer Builds a Screen-less Mobile Phone From Scratch

A space engineer who hates Smartphones and texting has built a unique mobile phone that doesn’t have a screen.

34-year-old Justine Haupt hates smartphones and other devices for the way they rule our lives. Thus, she has built herself a classical rotary dialing phone which is also wireless. She spent 3 years building a blue-colored phone fit with a rotary dial taken from an old Trimline phone and an antenna.

She built the phone’s case using a 3D printer and added speed dialing buttons so she could easily call her husband and her mother. The first prototype was built using the most basic hardware, but Justine constantly worked on improving the design and built until it was a fully functional encased device fit for practical use.

The device is about 4-inches tall and works on an AT&T prepaid SIM card. Its battery lasts around 24 to 30 hours and the rapid popularity the phone is gaining has led Justine to build a kit to allow anyone to create the phone for themselves.

She says she didn’t want to sell it at first but the number of emails she received begging her to let them buy it compelled her. At last, she was convinced to make a kit for it when someone suggested it. She quickly put together a kit that would allow anyone to build a phone even more robust, receiving more than 30 orders in just a week.

Justine is currently selling the full kit for $170 on her new robotics company’s website.