Shan Foods to Go Digital with SAP Solutions

Shan Foods Private Limited, a leading global food brand, has decided to implement SAP S/4HANA, as a part of the Company’s digital transformation plan.

With the implementation of SAP’s S/4HANA Private Cloud edition, Shan Foods will be able to drive its business operations efficiently with S/4 HANA and will be able to deploy next-generation integrated business planning tools (IBP), strategic HR (SuccessFactors) and business analytic tools (SAC).

In the first phase, Shan Foods will implement SAP solutions in its local operations, which will then be expanded to the company’s other affiliates. Prior to signing the agreement with SAP Pakistan, Shan Foods was working with homegrown solutions for its finance, procurement and HR management.


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Commenting on the need to employ digital solutions for innovative business operations and efficient customer relations, Sikandar Tiwana, CEO Shan Foods said:

Digitization of businesses has become an indispensable need in these times. This modification does not only help in enhancing the operation procedures, but it also plays a central role in providing consistency and improving the quality of work. SAP is a leading international software corporation that has single-handedly changed the dynamics of the business industry. With the employment of S4HANA Private Cloud, we look forward to taking off on our digital transformation journey in the right direction.

Saquib Ahmed, Managing Director, SAP Pakistan, said, “Despite numerous budding industries in the Pakistani business sector, the lack of effective compelling digital frameworks and efficient business tools hinders their growth to their full potential. SAP is therefore committed to generating new opportunities for innovation and growth. With our latest intelligent cloud ERP system, we are committed to helping Shan Foods steer their way to digital excellence.”

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