Lenovo Unveils An Amazon Alexa Like Smart Clock

Lenovo Unveils An Amazon Alexa Like Smart Clock

There are a couple of smart products that you can use as a voice-controlled alarm clock, especially the all-rounder smart speakers, including the Google Home Mini and Amazon’s Alexa.

However, to provide its users with a fully-featured device specifically designed to keep their schedules in check, Lenovo recently launched its Smart Clock Essential.

The smartwatch lies somewhere between a typical analog alarm clock and a smart speaker. It comes with a simple, black-and-white segmented LED display to display the current time, weather conditions, day, and your currently set alarms. The display, like smartphone displays, automatically adjusts its brightness depending on the light levels of the room. Hence, it’s not blinding in case you wake up in the middle of the night to check the time. Since Lenovo wanted to keep the simplicity of an alarm clock, it does not come with a touchscreen and doesn’t display photos or video.

However, functionality-wise, it does come with some modern features. The side-table clock is equipped with microphones to pick up voice commands. It has four buttons, including a play/pause button. It also comes with a ring light at the back to be used as a night light and can be turned on or off via voice commands.

Most of its functionalities have been borrowed from smart speakers, which include setting multiple alarms, playing songs, checking weather conditions through voice commands, etc. However, the speaker’s quality is not excellent so you might not enjoy the sound.

The clock is currently available for sale at a $49.99 price tag.

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