Zahid Ahmed Shares Tips To Be Regular In Namaz

Zahid Ahmed Shares Tips To Be Regular In Namaz

Zahid Ahmed has started his Youtube channel where he shared how to be regular in Namaz and how we can get close to Allah (S.W.T) by offering prayers.

Before sharing his message, he cleared that he doesn’t care if people are going to criticize this video because an actor is teaching them how to be regular in Namaz. “It doesn’t matter if you’re an actor, doctor, mirasi or chef. It is the beauty of our religion that the purpose of life is to serve Allah and get close to Him,” he said.

In this world of chaos, many young modern Muslims are finding it difficult to pray five times a day. Zahid Ahmed suggested that no matter what pray five times a day.

If you look at Namaz with this thought that you have to perform it because it is a sin not to perform or your mother have said so but the question is how to attach yourself to Namaz?

He said, “One thing which gave me a hint was if you look at the translation of Surah Al-Fatiha it says, “God guide me towards the right path“.

The actor further shared in his video, “If you want to offer Namaz that power will be given by Him. You must have sincerity in your heart but the strings are in the control of Almighty Allah.”

Zahid Ahmed shared, “The ability to perform Namaz is given by Allah and we need to be sincere and ask from Him to guide us towards the right path.”

Watch complete message of by Zahid Ahmed:

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