Why Javeria Saud Does Not Support Aurat March

Why Javeria Saud Does Not Support Aurat March

We all know who Javeria Saud is. She is a Pakistani actress, producer, designer, and an amazing host. She is currently working as a designer of her own brand, Jannat Javeria. It’s a clothing brand which introduces formal dresses, best for weddings and important functions. Javeria never failed to impress her fans.

Javeria and her family are very famous on social media. She keeps on posting her family pictures on social media to stay in touch with her fans and followers. Other than social media, Javeria, Saud, and their kids appear as guests on several talk shows.

Recently, Javeria Saud was invited to Har Lamha Purjosh. Waseem Badami asked her random questions, and her replies made the show even more interesting. Waseem asked Javeria about the current controversy of Aurat March. She immediately said that she is not in favor of it.

She believes that being a part of this society, it’s our responsibility to help the victims. To help them financially and mentally, that’s more important. Using banners, strong slogans, and leading large relays is easy, but your actions and stand will have more impact on society.

What do you all think of Javeria’s statement about Aurat March? Tell us in the comments section below.

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