Asim Azhar Was Suppose To Sing Koko Korina

Asim Azhar Was Suppose To Sing Koko Korina

Waseem Badami and his show Har Lamha Purjoosh is on-fire these days. People have made funny memes on him for asking controversial questions from his guests. Lately, he invited all famous celebrities to talk on the current issue of Aurat March. Some are in favor of it, while others are totally against the march 2020.

He recently invited Asim Azhar on his show. Asim is an active social media user who uploads everything that happens in his life. He has been the talk of the town ever since he got in relation to Hania Amir. They haven’t announced anything official, and we all are waiting to hear the good news.

Waseem Badami asked random questions about his personal and professional life. As he is a singer, so most of his questions were related to his field. Asim Azhar was asked about the coke studio’s song, Koko Korina. He laughed and said that he was supposed to sing that song with Ahad Raza Mir, he even recorded the demo. But due to personal reasons, he was informed that he will not be a part of this song. Momina and Ahad sang the song but failed to impress their fans.

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