Which Celebrity Tried To Destroy Javeria Saud’s Marriage

Which Celebrity Tried To Destroy Javeria Saud’s Marriage

Javeria has been married to the film and television actor Saud, with whom she owns the production house JJS Productions since 2006 in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

The stunning couple got married in 2015 and they share a beautiful bond with each other. Javeria and Saud have two beautiful children together.

Javeria Saud appeared in an interview in Waseem Badami’s show “Masoomana Sawal” where she talked about an artist who tried to destroy her marriage.

She shared, “During wedding days people spread negative gossips about me that ‘I have two children’.”

“Some people said to my mother that ‘it is Saud’s second marriage’ and ‘he is already married’. After we got married our families discussed it.”

Waseem Badami inquired about the person who spread such kind of news? On which she replied, “It was one of the artists who did this. She came to our home after we got married and we kicked her out of the house. The same artist did this and everyone knows her.”

Javeria Saud didn’t reveal the name of the artist who spread gossips about her and Saud. After all this, she even forgave her.

Watch Javeria Saud’s complete interview:

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