Maya Ali Stressed Out About Coronavirus

Maya Ali Stressed Out About Coronavirus

Pakistan has reported its first two official deaths from coronavirus today. The virus is now taking its roots in Pakistan and its high time people begin taking this seriously. Actress Maya Ali, who recently returned from her trip to the US, also thinks the same.

Maya Ali had been in US raising funds for Shuakat Khanum hospital. Upon her return the actress felt unwell and decided to get herself checked.

Talking about her return from the US and how scary it was for her, Maya took to her social media to share her experience.

“It’s been almost 5 days since I came back from my shaukat khanum fund raising US tour. I had chills when I was there. I got really worried so when I arrived at Lahore airport, they had a proper procedure for all the travellers to go through under the screening. Then I got checked myself and waited 2 days for results. Alhamdulillah test turned out negative,” shared the actress on her Instagram.

Although Maya tested negative, the actress added that she had gone through the ordeal of waiting for the test results with a lot of fear.

“This whole process wasn’t that easy. Stress, anxiety, sleepless nights and most importantly that fear… I know it’s a crucial time, not only for Pakistan but actually for the whole humanity. There is no vaccine that has yet been discovered for this virus, all we can do is self care and follow proper measures. ”

Not only this, Maya urged people to take care of themselves and also remember the needy in such difficult times. She even made a request to the government of Pakistan to help those who could not afford getting tested. “I am more worried about those people who survive on daily wages, now they don’t have any source to feed themselves and their families. They can’t even get checked themselves because of affordability. I’ll request the government of Pakistan to think about them and try to arrange a team who can reach them and get them checked free of cost.”

Maya ended her note on a positive thought, stating how this time too shall pass. “This is not a time to panic and this time too shall pass by Insha ALLAH. For now social distancing is the only way for our safer future. We won’t hug for some time so we can meet more happily later… Have faith in ALLAH and do take every possible precaution for yourself, for your family and for the entire humanity… “Beshak ALLAH is the greatest,” wrote the Teefa in Trouble actress.