Feroze Khan’s Opinion On Marvi Sarmad

Feroze Khan’s Opinion On Marvi Sarmad

Khalil-ur-Rehman and Marvi Sarmad have been the talk of the town for a long time now. Many people agreed and supported Marvi Sarmad for raising her voice for women on an international level, while others disagreed with her concept. Khalil-ur-Rehman showed his harsh and disrespectful side, but still, many people thought he was right. People believe he shouldn’t have used abusive language for a lady on a television screen. Everyone has a right to speak, but speak nicely.

Feroze Khan appeared as a guest on Waseem Badami’s show, Har Lamha Purjosh. Waseem played Yorker round with him where he had to say one word for some celebrities. The game started from Mulana Tariq Jamil’s name and ended on Marvi Sarmad.

After hearing Marvi’s name, Feroze said that one word is not enough for her. He further added that Imran Khan and Pakistan is getting appreciation on an international level. So to divert people’s mind and show a negative image of Pakistan, Marvi Sarmad was used by the Modi Government. He believes that Tariq Fateh motivated Marvi Sarmad and everything was a paid idea. She is diverting women’s minds to a negative track.

For Khalil-ur-Rehman, he said that he is not a big fan of Khalil because he thinks that Khalil-ur- Rehman is an arrogant man. A good man is the one who is good to his woman. So for being good men, we should treat our women like queens because they deserve respect, love, appreciation for their hard work.

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