Javeria Saud’s Interesting Advises For Celebrities

Javeria Saud’s Interesting Advises For Celebrities

Javeria Saud appeared in Waseem Badami’s show “Masoomana Sawal” where she gave free advises to different celebrities.

Javeria Saud gave her opinion about many celebrities including Reema, Resham, Meera and Neelum Muneer.

Her free advice for Reema Khan:

Javeria Saud said, “Stay same please don’t be fake.”

Javeria Saud about Meera Jee:

Please don’t speak English,” she said.

Advice for Sadia Imam:

Sadia Imam has worked as a host, actress and model but she announced to leave showbiz on this decision Javeria Saud commented, “Please don’t come back in the industry.”

She explained and said, “A person should stay strong on their decision and as she has decided to leave showbiz she shouldn’t come back.”

Javeria Saud’s advise for her husband:

Saud, Please come back to Pakistan because he is stuck in the USA.

Free advice for Resham:

On asking upon her advise for Resham, she said, “Resham should work more especially in a movie.

Javeria Saud’s advice for Maya Khan:

Famous TV host Maya Khan has been part of controversy because of hosting controversial episodes in her show. Javeria Saud had positive remarks for Maya Khan and said, “Maya Khan should work more.

Javeria Saud passed witty and interesting remarks on celebrities but she praised actress Neelum Muneer for her beauty.

Watch Javeria Saud’s interview with Waseem Badami: