Iman Aly Opens Up About Her Father Abid Ali’s Painful Death

Iman Aly Opens Up About Her Father Abid Ali’s Painful Death

Abid Ali’s death was a huge blow to the entire Pakistani entertainment industry. The veteran actor was an asset to Pakistan, and of course a dear father to his daughters.

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And so, when the veteran actor passed away, despite having lived apart from their father for most of their lives, his daughters were devastated with the loss. Despite not being able to meet him due to a number of family differences, Iman Aly, Abid Ali’s eldest daughter, shared how her father’s death had shaken her to the core.

In a recent interview with Iffat Omar, Abid Ali’s daughter Iman Aly revealed the real reason behind her father’s death and the ordeal they had to go through not being able to know about their father’s worsening condition.

“We didn’t meet him much after his second marriage and nobody ever told us anything. Had he been living with us, we would have taken him for regular checkups because he had a liver problem many years ago, when I was still too young. Perhaps his problem had gotten worse because he hadn’t had regular checkups,” said Iman while talking to the host.

Adding further how she thought her father didn’t want to bother them with his health issues, Iman stated, “We met on my wedding and it was the first time in years that I really got close and bonded with my father. Then my younger sister got married and perhaps he thought it was best to not disturb our lives.”

Iman also said that they hadn’t been informed about their father’s condition. “We weren’t even informed. My dad was in Lahore, at my aunt’s house, getting himself treated at Shaukat Khanam. It was a month from my wedding and when we met him later, his condition had gotten worse.”

“He seemed a bit week on my wedding but I assumed it was work load since he had been doing too many plays. Then I got busy after my wedding. I met him on Eid and after two weeks he was in an absolute worse condition. We were informed at the very end. ”

Iman recounted the painful incident about how her father’s second wife had never welcomed them to his house in Karachi and how she took his death body away without allowing them to see him for the last time.

“When I reached, dad’s wife had already send his death body to the mosque. They didn’t let me in but one of my friends intervened and insisted that his daughters had the right to see him, at least for the last time,” a visibly pained Iman shared.

Iman Ali also confessed how the entire incident had taken a toll on her and she still couldn’t sleep well because the visuals of her lasting meeting with her father haunted her.