Is Hareem Shah Going To Host Ramzan Transmission 2020

Is Hareem Shah Going To Host Ramzan Transmission 2020

Hareem Shah never misses a chance of getting the public’s attention. She somehow finds a way of becoming the talk of the town. Recently, she tweeted that some tv channels offered her to host a Ramzan transmission this year.

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Hareem Farooq is famous for her TikTok videos. She somehow managed to enter the PM house and made TikTok videos that went viral over the internet. After that, many of her videos got leaked on social media. She apologized to all her viewers and announced that from now onward, she will continue to live her life according to the teachings of Islam.


Hareem Farooq is under the spotlight again. People are criticizing the tv channel and Hareem Farooq for announcing the news. They don’t want her to host Ramzan Transmission or any other Islamic show because of her past. She asked her fans and followers whether they want to see her as a host or not, to which many people replied No!

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Check out the criticism under Hareem Farooq’s post.

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