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Aiman And Minal Went Live During Lockdown

by faree

People are getting tired of staying in isolation. Waking up late, sleeping late, eating, watching seasons, and doing home chores are the only thing they can do all day. No work, no meeting friends, no relatives coming over, nothing entertaining is happening right now. People are worried about coronavirus and therefore, they stay inside homes.

Aiman Minal

Pakistani celebrities are also staying in quarantine because all the shootings and projects are postponed until the situation gets better. They have been sharing their videos while doing home chores or art and craft activities with kids to motivate their fans and followers. Some of the actors are distributing ration to needy families.

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Meanwhile, Aiman and Minal are having a live chat with their fans on Instagram. Minal invited Aiman as a guest and asked her some questions. Those questions were related to her likes and dislikes, or what she will do in certain situations. Aiman and Minal are really close to each other. They both know every single thing about one another and this bond got strong after Aiman’s marriage.

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Check out what Aiman and Minal are doing in lockdown.

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