Hamza Ali Abbasi Shared Some Interesting Statements

Hamza Ali Abbasi Shared Some Interesting Statements

Hamza Ali Abbasi has started a new chapter of his life. After marriage with Naimal Khawar, Hamza announced that he will continue his life in spreading and talking about Islam. He will act in only spiritual scripts or that are about spreading the teachings of Islam.

Alif was a life-changing drama for him. He has started a YouTube channel where he talks about Islam, right and wrong, good and bad deeds, and the teaching of Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W). Many channels want to interview him and to know the reason behind this great change.

Recently, Hamza Ali Abbasi gave an interview with 23News. They asked him 23 questions related to his personal and professional life. He is a huge supporter of Imran Khan, so some of the questions are related to him as well.

The interviewer asked who he thinks is the superstar of the country? Hamza immediately replied that currently, Humayun Saeed is the hero of the Pakistan entertainment industry for his projects. His dramas and films are blockbusters.

Hamza was then asked to tell the most unprofessional thing he has seen someone doing to which he laughed and said that when he used to act, he was always late to be on the set and that’s the most unprofessional behavior.

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Well, the interviewer asked if he had to change his name, which could be the most epic name for him. Hamza laughed and said that his friends used to call him F-16 when they were young. So, he would name himself after a fighter jet or something.

At the last, Hamza was asked about the releasing dates of Maula Jatt, whether it is going to release in 2020, 2021, or someday. He started laughing and said that hopefully, it’s going to release this 2020 Eid, but the director Bilal Lashari knows the exact date.


Check out the whole video to know more interesting facts about Hamza Ali Abbasi.

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