Ahmed Butt’s Statement On Khalil And Marvi Controversy

Ahmed Butt’s Statement On Khalil And Marvi Controversy

Pakistani actors and actresses are talking about Khalil-ur-Rehman and Marvi Sarmad controversy. Some are on Khalil’s favor, while many of them are talking about his disguised and disrespectful behavior. Nobody has any right to abuse women on a live television show, and for that, he must apologize. Khalil clearly said that he is not guilty of whatever he said and won’t apologize to anyone.

Well, if Khalil-ur-Rehman is wrong, is Marvi Sarmad is right? When he asked permission to talk and justify himself then why did Marvi interrupted him? If he is abusing a lady on a live tv show, Marvi is abusing men on social media. They both are guilty.

Ahmed Butt, a find Pakistani actor, broke his silence on this matter. He believes that both are wrong in their own perspective. Khalil-ur-Rehman abused a woman on television and Marvi Sarmad is abusing people on Twitter.

Ahmed Butt further added that he feels less empathy for people who are exploiting the slogan, “Mera Jisam Meri Marzi.” It’s a western campaign that supports Abortion, Prostitution, and the sale of organs. People are misusing the line. Islam is the only religion that has the most rights and respect for women. Instead of following Islam, we are following the trend without even knowing the actual reason.

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