This Water Filter Manages RO-5 Level Filtration for Cheap

Viomi, a Xiaomi subsidiary, is known for its top-notch home products. From vacuum cleaners to kitchen appliances and electric heaters, the Chinese company has launched products in every category.
Last year, around this time, Viomi launched the Yunmi S2 internet water purifier with 400G flux. Almost a year later, it has upgraded the same product with newer technology and launched it under the moniker of Yunmi S2 600G.
Design and Construction Most of the design elements of the Yunmi S2 600G internet cloud-meter water purifier are similar to its predecessor. It has the same minimalistic two-tone body and a PVC construction. The only difference we see is a changed faucet. Instead of an ordinary faucet, it comes with a small blue-light faucet. It is programmed to give a changing reminder on time, hence, the users will not have to track it regularly via the application.
Technology used The Yunmi S2 600G, as the name suggests, comes with 600G large flux, unlike its predecessor. It also pro..

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Reason is Ready to Amp up the Heat with another Massive Friday Sale

Reason Electronics promised a mega sale to its consumers on the first Friday of every month at the time of the brand’s launch. Keeping up with the tradition, the brand is back with amazing deals, discounts, and combos.
Reason Electronics is a Direct to Consumer (D2C) brand which has already ensured that it offers the consumers incomparable prices without any compromise of the quality. In a very short time, the brand has gained massive traction through their trustworthy and stellar services.
The last Reason Friday Sale was sold out within 24-hours and a number of customers have since been anticipating another sale of the same kind.
The CEO of Reason, Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat announced the Reason Friday Sale himself at the launch for the brand and ensured that there will be fresh and exciting offers for the consumers on the first Friday of every month. Talking about the sale, he said:
Reason is the primal brand that is working solely as a Direct to Consumer (D2C) brand at this level. B..

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One of the World’s Biggest Auto-Shows Gets Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

The Geneva Motor Show, which is one of the biggest auto-shows in the world, has been cancelled due to fears over the coronavirus outbreak.
The annual event highlights the European auto-circuit where car-makers from all over the world unveil their upcoming models and concept cars. The show was canceled after the Swiss government banned all social gatherings of over 1000 people in a bid to stop the virus from spreading. It was originally supposed to take place this week.
Hyundai Prophecy is the True Electric Car of the Future [Video]
The cancellation forced the car-makers from unveiling their cars online instead of at the event as originally planned. While the event was called-off, a YouTuber was able to record some footage from inside the deserted 2020 Geneva Motor Show.
George Williams, a Vlogger and photographer walked around the venue and filmed the workers as they dismantled the stalls. He said, “Come with me and check out the crazy 2020 (lack of) Geneva Motorshow, an..

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