Reason is Ready to Amp up the Heat with another Massive Friday Sale

Reason Electronics promised a mega sale to its consumers on the first Friday of every month at the time of the brand’s launch. Keeping up with the tradition, the brand is back with amazing deals, discounts, and combos.

Reason Electronics is a Direct to Consumer (D2C) brand which has already ensured that it offers the consumers incomparable prices without any compromise of the quality. In a very short time, the brand has gained massive traction through their trustworthy and stellar services.

The last Reason Friday Sale was sold out within 24-hours and a number of customers have since been anticipating another sale of the same kind.

The CEO of Reason, Mr. Abdul Rehman Talat announced the Reason Friday Sale himself at the launch for the brand and ensured that there will be fresh and exciting offers for the consumers on the first Friday of every month. Talking about the sale, he said:

Reason is the primal brand that is working solely as a Direct to Consumer (D2C) brand at this level. By eliminating any third party or dealership, we have already reduced the cost of our products dramatically. Through Reason Friday Sale, we are geared up to give the consumers shocking deals and discounts while also making headway towards our goal of a revolutionary shift in the way the consumers view and purchase Electronics.

What’s On Sale?

There are three distinctive deals that will go live during this Friday sale, each one better than the last.

The first is the ‘LED Mufta Offer’ in which Reason is offering a 32’ LED Tv with Free 2 in 1 Juicer Blender and an Electric Kettle now at the extremely low price of 19,999.

The second deal is the ‘Paise Aik ke, Mazay Chaar ke’ through which the newly launched and highly applauded Reason’s 1-Ton air conditioner is paired with Free Electric Kettle, Juicer Blender, Free Delivery and Free Installation. This is a first of its kind offer and one that has ventured where no other brand has ever dared to go.

Last but not the least is the ‘Mukammal Lounge Offer’ in which Reason’s air conditioner and LED TV are on sale at a hugely discounted price.

The Sale will be live on the site on Friday 6th March 2020 and the customers are just as excited as we are for the massively exciting deals!