This Water Filter Manages RO-5 Level Filtration for Cheap

This Water Filter Manages RO-5 Level Filtration for Cheap

Viomi, a Xiaomi subsidiary, is known for its top-notch home products. From vacuum cleaners to kitchen appliances and electric heaters, the Chinese company has launched products in every category.

Last year, around this time, Viomi launched the Yunmi S2 internet water purifier with 400G flux. Almost a year later, it has upgraded the same product with newer technology and launched it under the moniker of Yunmi S2 600G.

Design and Construction

Most of the design elements of the Yunmi S2 600G internet cloud-meter water purifier are similar to its predecessor. It has the same minimalistic two-tone body and a PVC construction. The only difference we see is a changed faucet. Instead of an ordinary faucet, it comes with a small blue-light faucet. It is programmed to give a changing reminder on time, hence, the users will not have to track it regularly via the application.

Technology used

The Yunmi S2 600G, as the name suggests, comes with 600G large flux, unlike its predecessor. It also promises zero wait-time for the water to be discharged.

Another major upgrade is the water dispensing time. Unlike the 2019 version, this one can fill a glass in 8 seconds. Moreover, Viomi has upgraded Yunmi S2 600G’s filtration system to the 4+1 method. Hence, it can reach the RO-5 level filtration providing packaged drinking water standards.

Moreover, the company has claimed to redesign the waterways such that the net water production ratio has been bumped up to 66 percent.

Pricing and availability

The water purifier is currently available for sale at $286. However, for now, the company is offering a discount of $100 via a coupon.