Xiaomi Launches Affordable Smart ACs

Xiaomi Launches Affordable Smart ACs

Beyond Smartphones, Xiaomi has built a complete ecosystem of its own. Joining its vast collection of smart TVs, refrigerators, and air conditioners is a freshly launched Gentle Breeze Air Conditioner. As the name suggests, the Air conditioner simulates the gentle air breeze for broader coverage of the air outflow.

Unlike the traditional air conditioners that throw an ice-cold gust in one direction, this AC by Xiaomi is designed to produce a gentle soft breeze that makes it much more comfortable to sit around. According to the company, the air conditioner is designed to imitate a gentle breeze in the countryside. This will reduce the temperature variance as well.

Design and Construction

The product has a typical Xiaomi minimalistic design. It comes with 1120 air outlet micro holes for providing three-dimensional air supply at a wider angle. Under the hood, it features two 98mm super large cross-flow fans.

The AC is available in two models: 1 ton and 1.5 ton. The 1-ton variant provides 620 cubic meters per hour circulating volume with a maximum range of 10m. The 1.5-ton model, in contrast, has a 660 cubic meters per hour circulating airflow and a max range of 16 square meters.

On top of providing a natural breeze, the Xiaomi Gentle Breeze Air Conditioner is equipped with full DC frequency conversion technology providing higher efficiency. The device has a high APF value of 5.13. This is higher than the national standard and energy efficiency limit value of 4.5 in China.

Additionally, the air conditioner comes with support for Xiao AI voice assistant and can connect to Xiaomi’s ecosystem of products as well as other smart products.

Pricing and Availability

The AC is currently available for sale in China. The 1-ton variant costs $310, while the 1.5-ton variant will set users back by $381.