Through Thick And Thin: Transworld Home’s Efforts For A Connected Pakistan

Covid-19, commonly referred to as the novel coronavirus, has affected the world adversely. With the unavailability of a vaccine and the absence of any proven treatment, all possible preventive measures are executed to safeguard the infected individuals.

To flatten the curve and control the outbreak, some measures including social distancing and countrywide lockdowns have been initiated across the globe.

Doctors and hospitals around the world are working nonstop to treat the infected patients with different degrees of symptoms from moderate to acute. These are surely unprecedented times and none of us was prepared for this calamity. In these testing times, internet connectivity has been declared as part of the essential services.

The internet traffic in Pakistan has surged 15% amid Covid-19 lockdown, according to Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA). And, the ISPs are making all-out efforts to ensure that during these tough times, everyone stays connected with the world.

There is massive digital adoption across the country for remote working and learning, e.g. Quranic lessons via Skype, webinars via Zoom, digital classrooms for e-learning by students and academia, and a sharp surge in payments and money transfers via digital financial service platforms including mobile wallets and online banking, etc.

It has been reported that Zoom, a digital conferencing solution, has grown exponentially from 10 million daily active subscribers to a staggering 200 million daily active subscribers in the past few weeks.

As corporates and SMEs resort to a true digital lifestyle with most of the staff members operating from home, Transworld Home, a tier-1 operator in Pakistan, has been at the forefront to serve these professionals and households, living up to the standards of the best internet in Pakistan.

To ensure uninterrupted connectivity, the technical support staff of Transworld Home has been operational from day one of the lockdown. Moreover, to facilitate walk-in customers, their Customer Service Centers are also operational in Lahore and Islamabad. For customer convenience, Transworld Home has enabled multiple online payment options.

The safety and security of employees and customers are of paramount importance in the prevailing situation. As per the WHO guidelines, Transworld Home ensures that their field staff is well equipped with state-of-the-art PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as they visit customer premises.

“The safety of our employees and customers is our utmost priority. Keeping in mind the guidelines provided by the WHO and local authorities, we have equipped our staff with the latest personal protective equipment to ensure maximum safety and help flatten the curve,” a spokesperson from Transworld Home said.

As the world continues its fight against Covid-19 with economies being hurdled by countrywide lockdowns, Transworld Home is playing its part for a connected Pakistan by introducing special offers like an additional 10 Mbps and the newly introduced Ramadan Fiesta that offers 1-month free on every new signup till Eid-ul-Fitr.

This offer applies to all standard packages, as well as promotional packages like Tru™ Internet for All.