The Pursuit for Convenience Continues: BYKEA Launches a New “Ride-hailing Through WhatsApp” Feature

BYKEA takes the convenient ride-hailing one step further by launching an a new feature that allows the users to book a ride through WhatsApp, regardless of whether or not they have the app installed on their phone. To book a ride, a customers have to send their location on Bykea’s WhatsApp number i.e. 0307-1234567.

This new feature is a latest addition to BYKEA’s arsenal of convenience, one that makes bike-hailing much more simple. Prior to this feature, the phone users could book a ride simply by calling the same number.

The feature has been tested out by the company itself and was given a warm reception owing to the speed of matchmaking. It took around about 3 seconds for the request to be processed and assigned to a driver partner.

As mentioned prior, the main theme of the said service is convenience. WhatsApp is the pre-eminent mode of communication not only in Pakistan but around the world. The app has 2 billion active users across the globe, whereby an average user checks WhatsApp more than 23 times per day.

Although the number of users particular to Pakistan has not been calculated as of yet, it can safely be said that a vast majority of Pakistani smartphone users have whats installed in their phones, which they use on a daily basis.

This new feature can serve to be a better solution for ride hailing in many ways. For one, there can sometimes be an instances whereby a customer does not have enough balance to make a call, but since most data packages cover social media including WhatsApp, this new feature should help such customer with their commute.

Also, there are many people who do not prefer installing a lot of apps on their phones and so, the new “whatsapp ride-hailing” feature by BYKEA should provide peace of mind to such users in this regard as well.

BYKEA has always been eager to provide the best value to their customers in terms of convenience, since the new “Whatsapp Ride-Hailing” feature is neither the first nor the only convenience-based integration the company has done. Previously BYKEA had rolled out a feature that allowed the customers to call their driving partner for a ride.

The evolution of BYKEA has been praiseworthy as it is driven by their dedication to give the customers maximum convenience and reliability of services. Given their conviction and drive, BYKEA is for sure to continue their upward trajectory, with customers getting to enjoy the spoils of their victory.